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The Impact of the Monumental NCAA Shift and the Benefits of NIL Representation

July 2, 2021
July 1st, a day is traditionally known for the opening of NBA free agency, will now be remembered as the day that NCAA college athletes will be to[...]

Governor Vetoes PIP Repeal Legislation

July 1, 2021
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has vetoed Senate Bill 54. This legislation would have repealed Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law, which requires drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection (”PIP”)[...]

First District Court of Appeals holds that an Employer/Carrier may forfeit its right to select a one-time change doctor under § 440.13(2)(f),[...]

June 22, 2021
In St. Lucie Public Schools/Relation Insurance Services of Florida v. Dianne Alexander, 1D20-2266, 2021 WL 2451259 (Fla. 1st DCA June 16, 2021) the First District Court of Appeal[...]

C-Suite Executives Beware: Handling Sensitive Claims Is the Key to Avoiding Disaster

June 15, 2021
In today’s world, more and more organizations have come under fire for failing to respond or for improperly responding to allegations regarding internal misconduct such as discrimination, sexual[...]

Governor Desantis Signs Legislation and Adopts Reform Bill Impacting Property Insurance Litigation Related to Attorney’s Fees and Notice Requirements

June 15, 2021
As the 2021 Florida legislative session concluded, the Florida Senate passed Senate Bill (SB) 76. This bill created waves in the property insurance industry as it has a[...]

Florida Supreme Court Says Insurers Have Standing to Sue Law Firms for Malpractice on Subrogation Principles

June 9, 2021
The Florida Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that an insurer has standing to maintain a malpractice lawsuit against a law firm the insurance company hired to defend[...]

CSK Recent Workers’ Compensation Successful Trial Win / Complete Defense Verdict on Misrepresentation

June 1, 2021
Gina Jacobs and Ursula Remy of CSK’s Orlando office obtained a favorable order from a Judge of Compensation Claims’ (“JCC”) finding that the Claimant in the case violated[...]

Florida Adopts Federal Summary Judgment Standard

April 28, 2021
Effective May 1, 2021, Florida state courts will apply a new summary judgment standard that breaks with Florida’s historically restrictive reading of the summary judgment rule. On April[...]

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Finds That Websites Are Not Places of Public Accommodation

April 28, 2021
In a long anticipated ruling, a split panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a 2017 judgment that Winn-Dixie Stores’ website violated a visually impaired Florida[...]

You Just Can’t Win in PIP: The Challenges of the Limiting Charge Issue

April 21, 2021 | Michael A. Rosenberg
On March 16, 2021, the Third District Court of Appeal, in Priority Medical Center, LLC v. Allstate Insurance Company, No. 3D20-291 (Fla. 3d DCA), entertained oral argument on[...]

New Legislative Protections for Florida Health Care Providers — COVID-19-Related Claims

April 13, 2021
On March 29, 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that creates a one-year statute of limitations and protects health care providers from liability for[...]

CSK Recent Workers’ Compensation Successful Appeal / Complete Defense Verdict

April 12, 2021
Therese Savona, Gina Jacobs, and Neil Ambekar of CSK’s Orlando office obtained a favorable reversal of the Judge of Compensation Claims’ finding that the statute of limitations tolled.[...]