Defense Verdict – Brevard County – Auto Accident

March 16, 2023

Orlando Partners, Michele Morales and Brian Fery, obtained a complete defense verdict in Brevard County. Notably, Michele and Brian took over the case less than 2 weeks before trial.

The case involved a “t-bone” collision at a 4-way intersection. Plaintiff claimed $110,000.00 in prior medical treatment with $120,000.00 in future treatment to include a SI joint fusion. Our client admitted that the plaintiff had the green light and the right of way at the time of the accident. However, after reviewing police dashcam video and locating a prior statement made by the Plaintiff, Michele and Brian discovered that plaintiff’s version was inconsistent with the physical evidence in the case. They argued that the damage sustained to Defendant’s vehicle, which was caused by impact with a curb and street sign, showed Defendant was actually pushed at impact by the Plaintiff’s vehicle. In addition, Plaintiff’s prior recorded statement revealed the Plaintiff was traveling to a store that required him to make an immediate right at the time of the collision and explained why the Plaintiff “cut off” the Defendant prior to impact. This jury deliberated for less than 2 hours before finding no negligence on the Defendant.

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