Directed Verdict for Carrier – Uninsured Motorist Accident – Orange County

October 18, 2023

Orlando partner Scott Shelton and Plantation partner Greg Willis obtained a directed verdict for a major insurance carrier on an uninsured motorist case in Orange County.

Plaintiff alleged injuries to his neck and back as well as a traumatic brain injury. Plaintiff was also going to board over $160,000 in past medical bills. Plaintiff’s medical experts included a neurologist and an anesthesiologist/pain management specialist.

The defense objected to Plaintiff’s treating experts providing causation opinions due to insufficient data and unreliable principles. After hours of argument, the Court sustained the defense objections and ruled the treating doctors could testify but not issue opinions on causation. Absent any expert testimony on causation, the Court entered a directed verdict for the carrier. The carrier had an outstanding proposal for settlement, so they will be entitled to fees and costs.


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