Favorable Verdict – Admitted Liability Case

November 4, 2022

Orlando Partners Scott Shelton and Michael Merrill received a very favorable verdict in Lake County against Morgan & Morgan. This was an admitted liability case involving a tractor trailer who rear-ended Plaintiff’s work vehicle. Plaintiff sustained injuries to his neck and back, which included surgery. There was no evidence of pre-existing conditions/treatment and Plaintiff was only 36 years old. The defense did not have clients appear at trial, had its surveillance struck, did not call any witnesses, and (over objection) the Court allowed Plaintiff to read portions of the Defendants’ CME doctor’s deposition who opined Plaintiff was injured.  Plaintiff requested just under $6,000,0000 during closing. The jury returned a verdict of approximately $234,000 as related to Plaintiff’s medical expenses (which was less than Defendants’ pre-trial offer), but found Plaintiff did not sustain a permanent injury and did not award any damages for pain and suffering.

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