Favorable Verdict Personal Injury – Sarasota County

March 7, 2023

Tampa Partners Michelle Bartels and Dan Shapiro obtained very favorable verdict in Sarasota County following a 4-day trial. Plaintiff was a 61 year old retired Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Officer who was rear-ended on I-75 in May 2019 and sustained over $18,000 in damage to his rental BMW.

He drove to the ER from the scene of the accident and ultimately underwent two one-level cervical fusions at BioSpine. His past medical expenses were over $400,000. Michelle and Dan were able to highlight his significant prior history of neck and low back pain, which Plaintiff failed to disclose to any of his treating providers. Plaintiff asked the jury to award over $3.2M. After almost 5 hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict of $39,570, just slightly above what was suggested by Dan in closing.

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