Reduced Verdict – Duval County Traffic Accident

March 7, 2023

Ft. Laurdale Partner, Mirelis Castilla, and Jacksonville Partner, Christopher Walsh, recently obtained a favorable verdict in a 5 day trial in Duval County last week. This was a motor vehicle accident occurring in 2021. Plaintiff’s pushed for an expediated trial due to the age of the Defendant. Liability was not disputed.

Plaintiff was a very active individual who was back at work within a short period of time and was not claiming any lost wages, past or future. She alleged a cervical disc herniation resulting in conservative treatment and steroid injections. Plaintiff’s expert presented a lifecare plan over $300,000. Defense presented a counter lifecare plan of $170,000. Defense CME doctor gave Plaintiff a permanent injury to the cervical spine to which the Court granted directed verdict on same.

Defense argued the cause of the herniation was pre-existing and future care should be limited to reasonable treatment listed in their lifecare plan. Plaintiff waived past medicals and asked the jury for $2.333 MIL. The Jury deliberated for few hours and returned a verdict of $245,782.

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