Summary Judgment – Slip and Fall

November 17, 2022

Tampa Associate, Marina Moussa argued and won a summary judgment on behalf of a mobile home community and the property owner in a slip and fall case.

Plaintiff had alleged that there was a long standing issue with surface grading and drainage issues during her time at the community. During a rainstorm, Plaintiff went outside and dug a trench for the water to drain away from her home. While she was digging, she slipped and fell. Plaintiff argued that the need to build a trench was a foreseeable result of the alleged drainage issue. Marina successfully argued that the dangerous condition was not the drainage issue, but rather the trench which was built by the Plaintiff, that her client did not create the condition which caused the fall, and that Plaintiff put herself in danger by failing to take reasonable care for her own safety. The Judge granted summary judgment on behalf of the community defendant and property owner defendant.

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