Trial Win in Brevard County

November 6, 2023

Orlando Managing Partner Michele Morales, Jacksonville Partner Amber Hraha and Miami Associate Katrina Fernandez recently obtained a defense verdict against a national law firm in a slip and fall case in Brevard county. The plaintiff slipped and fell due to a substance on the floor at a national chain store, which allegedly caused severe permanent injuries to her neck and shoulder, resulting in a three-level cervical spine fusion, cervical revision, and two shoulder surgeries. The plaintiff claimed over $600,000 in medical expenses and in closing asked for $6.2 million in damages.

Throughout the trial, the plaintiff argued that the store was aware of the substance she slipped on. Her legal team continually focused on video evidence of numerous store employees in the vicinity of the substance within two minutes of the incident. The plaintiff specifically highlighted one employee walking directly in front of her at the time of the incident and doing nothing about the substance. While photos of the scene did indeed show a substance on the ground, the defense determined through photographs and video footage that while there were store associates in the vicinity, the appearance of the substance was not obvious enough to establish constructive notice.

The jury deliberated for 50 minutes (including a lunch break) and returned a complete defense verdict.

Special mention to Partner Stephanic McCoy and the entire team who worked the case up to trial and worked behind the scenes, providing continuous support which was integral to the team’s success.


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