Having the luxury of both litigation and appellate lawyers internally working shoulder-to-shoulder in the same firm, Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A. can not only try cases to verdict but also take cases to the “next level,” the appellate courts.  CSK has won federal and state appeals, in addition to having made law and changed outdated law.

Thanks to its capability of representing clients in both the trial and appellate levels within the same firm, CSK saves clients’ time and resources by offering efficient and cost-effective dual representation.  Furthermore, CSK and its appellate department can identify and preserve potential appellate issues while the case is still in trial; efficiently assess the merits and likelihood of success of an appeal after trial; handle any and all aspects of the appellate process; prepare appellate writs, achieve results when seeking extraordinary relief; analyze the cost-effectiveness of seeking such relief; and consult and prepare amicus curiae briefs when appropriate.

CSK’s appellate lawyers routinely represent clients before both federal and state appellate courts, including the Florida Supreme Court and all five District Courts of Appeal in Florida.  In addition, CSK’s appellate lawyers collectively have subject matter experience in virtually all areas of law.

Appellate Attorneys