Civil Rights Law

Private and public entities face exposure to an array of claims under constitutional, statutory and regulatory provisions that protect the civil rights of individuals.  Lawsuits involving civil rights issues are legally challenging because of the court’s diverse interpretations of the U.S. Constitution, the Florida Constitutions and federal and state civil rights statutes. They also tend to be emotionally charged and, frequently, political in nature.  Due to the high risk and exposure of these cases, many of them have proceeded to trial.  Our seasoned litigators not only bring extensive trial experience, but also an exceptional degree of sensitivity to the civil rights issues involved.

At Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A., the attorneys understand the nature of civil rights challenges and have counseled many clients in methods and strategies for avoiding such exposure.  CSK has successfully represented clients in response to EEOC and other agency proceedings, in addition to litigation arising under the Civil Rights Act; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Rehabilitation Act; Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA); Fair Housing Act; 42 U.S.C § 1983 claims; Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); and other federal and state civil rights claims on behalf of individuals or classes of individuals.

Civil Rights Law Attorneys