Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance involves the establishment, implementation, and monitoring of policies, procedures, and programs surrounding the operations of an organization and the activities of their officers, employees, representatives, and vendors. The program often contains legal regulations applicable to the organization’s business activities, as well as tripwires for detection of potential violations. Corporate compliance also encompasses internal rules and regulations promulgated by an organization to reduce\eliminate risk to the organization and ensuring ethical conduct by all the organization’s officers, employees and representatives.

A corporate compliance program will differ according to an entity’s size, mission, culture, associated risk, and applicable local state and federal laws.  All entities will benefit from having a well-designed, effective corporate compliance program.  While the design and implementation are the foundation of the program, it is often ineffective without efficient monitoring\auditing features.  It is these features which will drive a culture shift within the organization to ensure adherence to the program, prompt reporting of potential violations, and proper handling of confirmed violations.

CSK’s knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel can be used to assist an organization in designing effective and efficient compliance programs that are appropriately matched to an organization’s size, mission, management\operations structure, and existing culture.  Moreover, we can provide expertise and direction in the monitoring, auditing, detection, disciplinary, or corrective action phases of your compliance program.

Corporate Compliance Attorneys