Micro-Mobility/E-Scooter Litigation

The attorneys at Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A. have represented, and continue to defend, a wide range of clients, insurance carriers, and insureds, in the transportation, rideshare and micro-mobility industry, including but not limited to accidents involving scooters, bikes and other transit vehicles.

The attorneys at CSK have extensive experience in defending and investigating serious and catastrophic personal injury and property damage claims.

CSK has statewide accident reconstruction experts, police investigator experts, and attorneys who are available around the clock to immediately respond to the location of an accident, often while the vehicles, scooters, bikes, etc. and investigating officials are still “on-scene.”  In our experience, fast-acting response teams have proven extremely effective in gathering and preserving critical physical evidence, and in coordinating efforts with Local, State and/or Federal Investigating officers.

The attorneys at CSK, through handling claims in the micro-mobility industry, have specialized knowledge regarding user agreements, arbitration provisions, and the interplay of local, state and federal laws which govern the use of these important modes of transportation.

Micro-Mobility/E-Scooter Litigation Attorneys