Qui tam/False Claim/Whistleblower Claims

Cole, Scott & Kissane has extensive experience defending clients in qui tam, False Claims Act, and whistleblower related investigations and lawsuits. Our clients are companies and executives in a wide variety of industries, including large healthcare companies, educational institutions, and major defense and government contractors.  As well, companies and law firms involved with Sarbanes-Oxley compliant independent investigations.  Cole, Scott & Kissane’s proactive approach to defending these matters targets and maximizes a successful result as early as possible. Our knowledge of the broad array of statutory, regulatory and agency requirements, combined with our deep experience in conducting internal investigations, allows us to assist the client in conducting a cost effective assessment of the potential risk involved early in the proceeding.  Our lawyers work proactively in the investigation stage to dissuade government intervention or find a satisfactory resolution prior to full scale litigation. We also help clients manage employee whistleblowers, who are initiating the vast majority of FCA cases brought today.

Qui tam/False Claim/Whistleblower Claims Attorneys