Security Negligence

Cole, Scott & Kissane also focuses on defending residential and commercial properties and their insurers against Negligent Security claims, arising from Class I Crimes committed at or near a premises. CSK’s Attorneys, Investigators, and Law Enforcement/Security Experts are proficient in crafting the factual and legal defenses and documentary evidence to establish that businesses and residences are compliant with Florida Law. Condominiums, Shopping Malls, Convenience Stores, Apartment Complexes, Service Stations, Bars, Restaurants, Retail Establishments and      Single-Family residences are legally required to provide “Reasonable Security Measures for the Protection of Their Invitees.”

These cases are particularly document-intensive. They are fast becoming an area of significant exposure to businesses/residences. Many of these entities are often insufficiently familiar with the required legal duties, until after a significant claim/injury occurs.

Cole, Scott & Kissane is also proactive in advising its clients and insurance carriers regarding measures to be undertaken, to prevent or minimize future occurrences, and to reduce the potential costly damages and defense costs. CSK’s Negligent Security attorneys also provide CLE Seminars to our insurance clients and their insureds, to familiarize Claims Personnel and Property Owners/Managers with the nuances and unique characteristics of the data and evidence typically utilized by each side, in the prosecution and defense of Negligent Security Claims.

Security Negligence Attorneys

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