Community Association Law

Potential New Strategies for Defending Assignment of Benefits Claims In[...]

December 20, 2016 | George Hooker
I n recent years, assignment of benefits claims have become one of the biggest problems facing homeowners’ insurance carriers in Florida. This is evident from the substantial rise in the[...]

Florida Community Association Litigation: Homeowners’ Associations and Condominiums

October 13, 2015 | Ron Campbell
Florida Community Association Litigation: Homeowners’ Associations and Condominiums See an Excerpt Attorneys that practice community association law regularly prosecute and defend against claims that sound in the law of contracts,[...]

Architectural Controls (Community Association Quarterly)

July 24, 2013 | Katie Merwin
Homeowners’ Association Architectural Controls A homeowners’ association may adopt written standards to control the external aesthetics of the property within its purview. To be enforceable, the architectural controls must be[...]

Fair Housing Act Claim Analysis (Community Association Quarterly)

July 24, 2013
  In Florida, fair housing litigation typically includes just a few distinct types of claims. Claims often arise from alleged discrimination in the sale or rental of housing. Florida Statutes[...]

Transfer Restrictions (Community Association Quarterly)

July 24, 2013
There is a great deal of community association litigation on the ability of homeowners’ and condominium associations to place restrictions on property transfers. Those who challenge restrictions on property transfers[...]

Introduction to Fair Housing Litigation (Community Association Quarterly)

July 22, 2013
Community associations, through the board of directors, have a great deal of control over the provision of housing in their communities and the conditions and privileges associated therewith. Whether they[...]

Introduction to Covenant Enforcement Disputes (Community Association Quarterly)

July 22, 2013
By purchasing property in a community governed by a homeowners’ or condominium association, owners agree to comply with the association’s governing documents, rules, and regulations. Chapter 720 and the Condominium[...]

Assessment Collection (Community Association Quarterly)

March 22, 2013
Assessments are often a community association’s only source of income. Without regular payment of assessments, community associa­tions in financial distress downgrade amenities, close recreational facili­ties, lay off staff, and reduce[...]

Slander of Title (Community Association Quarterly)

February 23, 2013
With condominium and homeowner’s associations still rebounding from the 2007 housing crisis, many communities are plagued with unit owners that have failed to meet their financial obligations. An association member’s[...]
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