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Cyber Security of Consumers’ Financial Information

July 14, 2014
With the rapid growth of the use of technology in business comes great risk to consumers private information, and a concomitant risk to many of the businesses that are charged[...]

Publicly Traded Companies Beware of Potential New Suits Per the[...]

July 14, 2014
By:  Sherry Schwartz On October 13, 2011, the Security Exchange Commission, Division of Corporations, released “new guidance” to the shareholder disclosure requirements of publicly traded companies.  Specifically, the SEC noted[...]

What is Private on Facebook?

July 14, 2014
Largent v. Reed, No. 2009-1823, slip op. (Pa. C.P. Franklin Co. Nov. 8, 2011).  Trial courts continue to allow discovery of social network (specifically Facebook) user profiles, and to deflect[...]

Contributory Trademark Infringement: What is it and What are its[...]

February 2, 2014
Contributory Trademark Infringement can Effect Carriers Issuing everything from the Standard Commercial General Liability Policy all the way to an Intellectual Property Trademark Abatement Policy  It may be common knowledge[...]

What is a Patent Troll and Why Should Insurers of[...]

February 2, 2014
Patent Trolls have Cost U.S. Software and Internet based Companies Billions in Litigation Costs and Untold Amounts in Unreported Licensing Fees  Since the mid-2000s, U.S. software and internet based companies[...]

Email Disclaimers: Recipient Beware

February 2, 2014
Email correspondences have become the norm in the legal world to exchange written communications with clients, opposing counsel, and governmental entities. In doing so, however, there exists the risk of[...]

The "Real" Owners of Your Social Media Photos

February 2, 2014
From capturing those unforgettable life moments to tracking your weight loss goals with fellow dieters – the 21st Century social media craze has truly redefined what it means to share[...]

Commercial General Liability Coverage for Defamation:

November 28, 2012
QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIAWhile the momentous events of the 2011 show that social media has the capacity to affect great political and social change, the[...]

When is an Employee's Speech Through Social Media Protected From[...]

May 22, 2012
The widespread adoption of social media and other methods of public communication on the world wide web may present uncertainty about an employee’s right to speak freely through these modern[...]

Copyright Infringement on the Web:

November 22, 2011
PROTECTION AND IMMUNITY FOR THIRD PARTY PUBLICATIONSBy:  Sherry M. SchwartzTitle 17 of the United States Code is the cornerstone of US copyright law.  Modernization of this Act has been required[...]
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